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The Somnambulist Awakens

Life is interesting.

The older I get the more aware I am of how asleep I've been most of my life. Holy Cow!
I attended a seminar about 30 years ago and I heard the phrase

"The somnambulist awakens"

That's me!! I'm still waking up after all these years and now I know that the process never really ends. There's always the next level after I get to the one I'm shooting for. Eternal progression ROCKS! Especially now that I have a deeper understanding of the whole process that I'm in (we are all in it) I am moving into a place of patience with myself, gratitude for the process and a more conscious & committed relationship to the process.

Wish me luck!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Flicker in the Fireplace & Llamas in the Yard

Just a point of fun...... Brayt & I kept hearing a "funny sound" and discovered a Flicker in our wood stove...... Then today I discovered llamas in the yard, dining on the delicious leaves and grass only available in the yard. Funny!

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Friday, October 17, 2008

OK, so, I've been a world traveler lately & the jury is still out on whether or not I love being a world traveler!

I had some numerology stuff done on my name (s) back in July, and while I don't pretend to understand most of it, one thing stuck out for me. I have this pattern that shows up in my numbers no matter which set of names I use ( I know..... what the heck does that mean). What Gordon did (Gordon Spowart; http://www.numerologycanada.com/Home_Page.html ) is use my full name in a maiden name arrangement, a married name arrangement, first initial plus last name and middle initial plus last name (since I go by my middle name) ). Anyway, this pattern that shows up no matter which configuration he used is a cross. There's a big cross pattern that indicates that I have a cross to bear of duality. Now, I know we are all dual beings, so I didn't know this was unique in any way and apparently it is. I repeat, I don't understand it all very well, but he said that it means I can always see both sides of any situation & that I'm always of two minds about things. Boy is that ever the truth. I hear; "stand for something or you'll fall for anything" & I cringe because it's hard to stand for something. I stand for everything. Ha! Wow, can I ramble or what?! I'm not sure what I started out saying all this for. Since I started, I "lost" my post (Clancy's subliminal suggestion I think), created a very complicated email to an Egyptian friend with lots of selecting photos to attach etc, fixed a photo in Paint and then came back to this and "FOUND" my post in the "Post Options" link (I think) and started typing again & now I'm really confused about how I started & why I'm telling anyone about all this stuff. Holy Cow!! No wonder I don't get anything done all day!!!! So, you see, there's a lesson in everything. I just got some HUGE insights into myself.

OK, on with the post now that I've re-read it ......... I am of two minds about traveling. I love it & I can't stand it. Now that I'm home there are parts of me that NEVER want to leave again. And then I remember......

I did go to Egypt and that's what started this whole, meandering "process". Brayton & I went with the World Wealth Society & James A. Ray. Brayton & I went a few days early, with Raven, Tim & Tricia, Haleh, Julie Z, Steve & Brandy. We stayed at Sharm El Sheikh on the Red Sea.... at the Ritz Carlton. What a beautiful place. We had an excursion to snorkel in the Red Sea (AMAZING!) and then later that night, at 10 pm, we met in the lobby & took a charter bus for a three hour drive and went to the base of Mt. Sinai. We hiked for several hours in the dark and got to the top just in time to view the sunrise. This part was indescribable! James Ray talks about altered states of consciousness & ways of getting into them without drugs........ well, I was in one. Not only was I tired from changing time zones, getting up early to snorkel & then driving & hiking all night, exerting myself to the max, but I was ON TOP OF MT SINAI, AT DAWN!! I'm so grateful to have some photos to remind myself of the day because I was really in an altered state and my conscious mind can't access that information very readily without those reminders. I wept for joy up there. I wept in amazement and relief and incredulity. I will never, actually, forget those moments for the rest of my life. I just have to tap into them, don't I?

We flew back to Cairo sometime or other (that part's a blur) and stayed in the Marriott on the Nile. It was a palace and is now a Marriott.... beautiful place. Then the real adventure began. We had a 2 a.m. wake up call to be out to the buses by 3. We ended up seeing 2 to 3 temples a day after that. I wish I had taken notes all the while & my notebook was in the packed suitcase that I had to leave at the Marriott. (We only took 1 case a piece because of all the airplanes & buses we would be moving around on constantly).

We had our trip arranged with James' input, by Joy Travel Agency, out of L.A. A remarkable man named Fadel Gad (rhymes with waddle he says) who is a retired, Egyptian, archeologist, owns the agency and was our tour guide. Not just an archeologist, but a mystic as well. His knowledge & love of the temples and the metaphors behind what's engraved & drawn was vast. It made the trip mean so much more to me than it otherwise would have.

The places that I CAN remember by name:
Abu Simbel at Aswan: the temple of RamsesII and temple of Nefertari.
The temple of Isis on Philae Island.
The temple of Khnum on Elaphantine Island
The temple of Kom Ombo.... built for the gods Sobek & Horus.
The temple at Edfu.... built for Horus & his consort Hathor.
The temple at Abydos, Temple of Osiris
The temple at Dandara, temple of Hathour, goddess of love, music & harmony.
The west bank; Valley of the Kings
The temples of Karnak; temple of Sekhmet & the temple of Luxor.
The Sphinx (up close & personal)
The Great Pyramid with visits to the three chambers inside. Plus a little extra!
Dinner & music & shopping in the Old City

(ok I found an itenerary that definitely jogged my memory)

There is no way to describe the feeling of being in a place like Egypt. Standing in the temples, feeling dwarfed by the colossal size of most of it & SEEING with my own eyes, all the engravings & drawings made things alive & real & present in a way that overwhelmed and humbled me. I'll be forever grateful for the opportunity I had to go and experience these things in my life. (TYG & TYC)

Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Need a Translator for Blogeese!

OK! So........ I finally read the TAG thing in Clancy's blog and really enjoyed reading about my grandchildren! What the heck am I supposed to do now. Respond in my own blog with 10 things about me?Or respond in Clancy's blog with 10 things about me? Hmmmmm. I'm not very fluent in Blogeese yet. AND....... well, I think I'm just too tired to do it at this time of night. It's past my bedtime. So, after a wonderful & extremely exhausting weekend of babysitting grandchildren (that topic warrants a post of it's own), I think I'll call it a night and see if I can work on it tomorrow.

PS I forgot how much I love to sing! I have been neglecting that part of nurturing myself. What happened to the carefree days of being a young mother with five kids and feeling like I could conquer the world most of the time? (OK, I do know now that I was "asleep at the wheel" a lot as a young mother. Ah, ignorance is bliss sometimes) I sang in church today, a duet, with my sister Bronwyn. It was a very simple song, arranged nicely and I really enjoyed doing it, seeing the faces of some of the congregation and then the compliments that came afterward. Interestingly enough, I had been thinking that I needed to start attending to that facet of myself and see if I could recapture some of the joy or should I say, create JOY for myself at this place in my life. It would a facet of mastery living that I know would be good for me. It's very easy to let the well run dry and then think I'm going to be able to "get water out of it".

OK, now that I've rambled on incoherently for, what...... a good while now, I'm going to bed! I would love to keep typing and I'm afraid it will only get more random and disconnected if I do.
Stay tuned for more random insights into the current version of ME.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, can you believe it!! ? I actually forgot that I have a blog! I've even been "scolded" a couple of times by Clancy or rather, reminded, that I need to put something new in here. I've had a lot going on and it would have been wonderful to have kept track of it in this format. So........ for a brief overview (what I can remember)

Brayton & I went to a James Ray seminar at Kona, Hawaii in April. The seminar was 5 days, a days break then the World Wealth Congress for 2 days. That was all absolutely incredible. We then stayed and played for another week and a half. We flew over to Oahu for the last 3 1/2 days and had some really fabulous times at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were able to return to the park for 3 days with the tickets we bought. That whole PCC thing was one of the funnest things I've EVER done. That's me! I got to eat it up, so to speak and really soak it up. FABULOUS!!

We came home from Hawaii and I repacked and reloaded pills and flew off to Houston to lend a hand at my parents house. Dad now has an injured hip and isn't supposed to put weight on it..... since he's pretty much the caregiver for the household, that's been a real strain on them all. Especially him. I've been home a bit now and trying to get myself back in the swing of things here. That James Ray seminar has sort of turned me upside down! I'm re-inventing my map of reality and it's not always a comfortable place to be. (pretty much NEVER! in my experience cuz it moves me OUT of my COMFORT zone)

The garden is begging to be planted and Dustin (son-in-law) has been tilling his heart out to get the soil ready to be worked and planted. Now, if the weather will just permit. Oh but wait! I think I've finally talked Brayt into putting a sprinkler circuit out in the big garden. (We're talking big here) So, now, we will wait to plant until the sprinklers are in! YAY!! Besides, it's stayed so cool that the germination will be better early next week. :) Other than vegetables, Brayton & I have planted about 120 shrubs and trees in the last week and a half. That nearly killed me off a couple of times. I think it added to the craziness to be so tired and exhausted for two or three "pushes" of lots of planting. It's gonna be great though!!

I wonder if I can find some pictures to post. I've been married 35 years this June and I have a bazillion pictures, the problem is finding the ones I want, ie; Hawaii, gardens, etc. I could just start putting random stuff in here!!! That could be fun!
Alright, I'm finished rambling. I didn't even write much that was very informative. I'm just a little nuts right now and these ramblings are representative of this state of mind. So, off I go.

I'm reading a book that daughter Sarah recommended (it's a book for fun (GASP!) ) It's called The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks.......... so far, so good. I'll keep ya posted (if I can remember that I have a blog.)

Britta, what was the Ten things thingy that you commented about (waaay back when)?

Life is Hard
Life is Good
I'm on my Way

In Joy!

PS my "grind in" for the next little while is; I Deserve to feel Happy & Proud!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

So, just for perspective, I'm adding a picture of my "garden" in winter & my garden in summer..... Days of summer glory, days I long to see. All your scenes so brilliant, they are dear to me. Let your thoughts be ever pure as yonder sun, gentle as the breezes when the night comes on.

It's a frosty Thursday morning. It's actually snowing outside!! Brrrr! Brayton & I went to karate at 6 a.m. and came out at 7 to new snow falling. I keep trying to remember that this is snow everyone in the Snake River plain has been praying for and keep gratitude in my heart when I see it. I'm grateful for the snow and I'm yearning for spring. I'm craving a view of green grass and the smell of the fresh cut grass. It's one of those smells that transports me to a carefree time from my childhood. I'm instantly happy and even filled with joy, even if it's only for a moment! It still affects me in ways that last and keeps me connected to some of the joy I'm entitled to in my life. (Thank you Solution & God)

I wish I understood myself a little better. I woke up so easily this morning, even early, and felt "awake" from the start. I think I'm still a morning person who's just drifted away from it due to circumstances I've succumbed to. I think I'll start claiming my morningness again. It's a vibrant time of day for me and I'm surprised to find an awareness of this at this time in my life. I feel a subtle freedom in being awake, in the quiet of the house, with just me, myself & I to be with. Hmmmm..... I find that I often DO like my own company!! Cool! (Carol, I think of you whenever I think of that phrase, so; Here's to you!!)

My face is itchy today, still a little swollen. The cold air outside feels good on my face. I'll be dang glad when I don't have to worry about slipping on my front sidewalk though!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Embryo

Well, here goes................ I've had so much fun reading Clancy's blog page and linking to some of her friends that it created a desire in me to start one of my own. I don't feel particularly creative right now and I notice that I feel a little sad about that. This is just such a cool medium to work and journal in and be able to share it with family and friends that I want to start my little new beginning RIGHT NOW. I'll work thru the learning curve and find out all the tricks as time goes on. My baby is just beginning to form here. Soon it'll have a 'beating heart', fingers, toes, eyes etc. For now, it's a grain of rice or sunthin'.

I love seeing pictures on blog pages. That's the best of all the game most times. I'll learn how to do that as well. Then later will come the cute backgrounds and inserted gif.s and stuff. Heh! I'm so self conscious sitting here typing, just to think that someone might read this and yet I can't help myself............... AAAAAAH!! Ok I think that'll do for now. I've reached my embryonic blog limit for a minute. I really sat down at the computer to get a few phone numbers and now look at what's happened! D'OH!! I'd better get off and make those calls.

My sweet, awesome, wondrous friend, Verla Lovejoy, just passed to the next realm this morning and I've been asked to sing, along with Clancy, at her funeral. I leave now, to prepare.