Thursday, March 13, 2008

So, just for perspective, I'm adding a picture of my "garden" in winter & my garden in summer..... Days of summer glory, days I long to see. All your scenes so brilliant, they are dear to me. Let your thoughts be ever pure as yonder sun, gentle as the breezes when the night comes on.

It's a frosty Thursday morning. It's actually snowing outside!! Brrrr! Brayton & I went to karate at 6 a.m. and came out at 7 to new snow falling. I keep trying to remember that this is snow everyone in the Snake River plain has been praying for and keep gratitude in my heart when I see it. I'm grateful for the snow and I'm yearning for spring. I'm craving a view of green grass and the smell of the fresh cut grass. It's one of those smells that transports me to a carefree time from my childhood. I'm instantly happy and even filled with joy, even if it's only for a moment! It still affects me in ways that last and keeps me connected to some of the joy I'm entitled to in my life. (Thank you Solution & God)

I wish I understood myself a little better. I woke up so easily this morning, even early, and felt "awake" from the start. I think I'm still a morning person who's just drifted away from it due to circumstances I've succumbed to. I think I'll start claiming my morningness again. It's a vibrant time of day for me and I'm surprised to find an awareness of this at this time in my life. I feel a subtle freedom in being awake, in the quiet of the house, with just me, myself & I to be with. Hmmmm..... I find that I often DO like my own company!! Cool! (Carol, I think of you whenever I think of that phrase, so; Here's to you!!)

My face is itchy today, still a little swollen. The cold air outside feels good on my face. I'll be dang glad when I don't have to worry about slipping on my front sidewalk though!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

In Embryo

Well, here goes................ I've had so much fun reading Clancy's blog page and linking to some of her friends that it created a desire in me to start one of my own. I don't feel particularly creative right now and I notice that I feel a little sad about that. This is just such a cool medium to work and journal in and be able to share it with family and friends that I want to start my little new beginning RIGHT NOW. I'll work thru the learning curve and find out all the tricks as time goes on. My baby is just beginning to form here. Soon it'll have a 'beating heart', fingers, toes, eyes etc. For now, it's a grain of rice or sunthin'.

I love seeing pictures on blog pages. That's the best of all the game most times. I'll learn how to do that as well. Then later will come the cute backgrounds and inserted gif.s and stuff. Heh! I'm so self conscious sitting here typing, just to think that someone might read this and yet I can't help myself............... AAAAAAH!! Ok I think that'll do for now. I've reached my embryonic blog limit for a minute. I really sat down at the computer to get a few phone numbers and now look at what's happened! D'OH!! I'd better get off and make those calls.

My sweet, awesome, wondrous friend, Verla Lovejoy, just passed to the next realm this morning and I've been asked to sing, along with Clancy, at her funeral. I leave now, to prepare.