Sunday, June 8, 2008

I Need a Translator for Blogeese!

OK! So........ I finally read the TAG thing in Clancy's blog and really enjoyed reading about my grandchildren! What the heck am I supposed to do now. Respond in my own blog with 10 things about me?Or respond in Clancy's blog with 10 things about me? Hmmmmm. I'm not very fluent in Blogeese yet. AND....... well, I think I'm just too tired to do it at this time of night. It's past my bedtime. So, after a wonderful & extremely exhausting weekend of babysitting grandchildren (that topic warrants a post of it's own), I think I'll call it a night and see if I can work on it tomorrow.

PS I forgot how much I love to sing! I have been neglecting that part of nurturing myself. What happened to the carefree days of being a young mother with five kids and feeling like I could conquer the world most of the time? (OK, I do know now that I was "asleep at the wheel" a lot as a young mother. Ah, ignorance is bliss sometimes) I sang in church today, a duet, with my sister Bronwyn. It was a very simple song, arranged nicely and I really enjoyed doing it, seeing the faces of some of the congregation and then the compliments that came afterward. Interestingly enough, I had been thinking that I needed to start attending to that facet of myself and see if I could recapture some of the joy or should I say, create JOY for myself at this place in my life. It would a facet of mastery living that I know would be good for me. It's very easy to let the well run dry and then think I'm going to be able to "get water out of it".

OK, now that I've rambled on incoherently for, what...... a good while now, I'm going to bed! I would love to keep typing and I'm afraid it will only get more random and disconnected if I do.
Stay tuned for more random insights into the current version of ME.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Well, can you believe it!! ? I actually forgot that I have a blog! I've even been "scolded" a couple of times by Clancy or rather, reminded, that I need to put something new in here. I've had a lot going on and it would have been wonderful to have kept track of it in this format. So........ for a brief overview (what I can remember)

Brayton & I went to a James Ray seminar at Kona, Hawaii in April. The seminar was 5 days, a days break then the World Wealth Congress for 2 days. That was all absolutely incredible. We then stayed and played for another week and a half. We flew over to Oahu for the last 3 1/2 days and had some really fabulous times at the Polynesian Cultural Center. We were able to return to the park for 3 days with the tickets we bought. That whole PCC thing was one of the funnest things I've EVER done. That's me! I got to eat it up, so to speak and really soak it up. FABULOUS!!

We came home from Hawaii and I repacked and reloaded pills and flew off to Houston to lend a hand at my parents house. Dad now has an injured hip and isn't supposed to put weight on it..... since he's pretty much the caregiver for the household, that's been a real strain on them all. Especially him. I've been home a bit now and trying to get myself back in the swing of things here. That James Ray seminar has sort of turned me upside down! I'm re-inventing my map of reality and it's not always a comfortable place to be. (pretty much NEVER! in my experience cuz it moves me OUT of my COMFORT zone)

The garden is begging to be planted and Dustin (son-in-law) has been tilling his heart out to get the soil ready to be worked and planted. Now, if the weather will just permit. Oh but wait! I think I've finally talked Brayt into putting a sprinkler circuit out in the big garden. (We're talking big here) So, now, we will wait to plant until the sprinklers are in! YAY!! Besides, it's stayed so cool that the germination will be better early next week. :) Other than vegetables, Brayton & I have planted about 120 shrubs and trees in the last week and a half. That nearly killed me off a couple of times. I think it added to the craziness to be so tired and exhausted for two or three "pushes" of lots of planting. It's gonna be great though!!

I wonder if I can find some pictures to post. I've been married 35 years this June and I have a bazillion pictures, the problem is finding the ones I want, ie; Hawaii, gardens, etc. I could just start putting random stuff in here!!! That could be fun!
Alright, I'm finished rambling. I didn't even write much that was very informative. I'm just a little nuts right now and these ramblings are representative of this state of mind. So, off I go.

I'm reading a book that daughter Sarah recommended (it's a book for fun (GASP!) ) It's called The Traveler by John Twelve Hawks.......... so far, so good. I'll keep ya posted (if I can remember that I have a blog.)

Britta, what was the Ten things thingy that you commented about (waaay back when)?

Life is Hard
Life is Good
I'm on my Way

In Joy!

PS my "grind in" for the next little while is; I Deserve to feel Happy & Proud!